Door Repairs in Sussex 

Are your doors draughty, or difficult to open or close? Let us come and resolve the issue, without the cost of replacing them. 

Draughty Doors 

If your doors are draughty, the seals or gaskets may have perished. We will inspect the door for you, establish the cause, and carry out the necessary repair to resolve the draught problem. 

Door Adjustment 

Doors sometimes fall out of adjustment and become hard to close, or maybe it no longer locks easily. We can re-adjust your door so that it closes and locks as it should do. 

Door Handles 

We can replaced broken or damaged door handles. 

Multipoint Door Lock Mechanisms 

UPVC doors, composite doors and patio doors often have a multipoint door lock, and this sometimes becomes jammed. If your locks jammed or broken, we can replace or repair it. 

Door Locks and Barrels 

If your door lock or barrel is damaged or broken, or if you don't feel it is of high enough security, we can replace it for you. We can upgrade your barrel to the latest anti pick and anti bump cylinder to provide you with peace of mind that your door is secure. 

Free Estimates 

We provide a free estimate for all repair work. 
Just complete the form below, including a photo of the problem that needs repairing, and we will get back to you. 
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